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Fire hose reel

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SRI fire hose reels are tested and approved to European Standard EN671 by British Standers Institution and to Australian Standards AS1221 by QAS Australian. These approvals require the certification authority to carry out regular inspection of our hose reels manufacturing facility, testing of hose reels and auditing of quality system. With rigorous inspection and testing of our fire hose reels during production the performance and reliability is at the highest standard. SRI manufactures a wide selection of fire hose reel, “3/4” and 1”. Swing and fixed type, manual and automatic. Swing type hose reel has double 1800 rotating hinge, which allows hose reel to be mounted in a recessed wall and fixed type hose reel is complete with hose guide which allows the hose withdrawal in all direction.


Code No. A Hose Diameter x 30 Length B Type
HRSO38-MS-022-RD 22”(559mm) 25mm x 30mm 350mm Swing Manual
HRSO38-MS-722-RD 22”(559mm) 25mm x 30mm 290mm Swing Manual
HRSO38-MS-019-RD 19”(483mm) 25mm x 30mm 350mm Swing Manual
HRSO37-MS-019-RD 19”(483mm) 19mm x 30mm 350mm Swing Manual
HRSO37-MS-022-RD 22”(559mm) 19mm x 30mm 350mm Swing Manual
HRSO36-MS-022-RD 22”(559mm) 25mm x 30mm 310mm Fixed Manual
HRSO36-MS-722-RD 22”(559mm) 25mm x 30mm 240mm Fixed Manual
HRSO36-MS-019-RD 19”(483mm) 25mm x 30mm 310mm Fixed Manual
HRSO35-MS-019-RD 19”(483mm) 19mm x 30mm 310mm Fixed Manual
HRSO35-MS-022-RD 22”(559mm) 19mm x 30mm 310mm Fixed Manual
HRSO61-MS-722-RD 22”(559mm) 25mm x 30mm 290mm Swing Manual
HRSO60-MS-719-RD 19”(483mm) 19mm x 30mm 290mm Swing Manual
HRSO56-MS-722-RD 22”(559mm) 25mm x 30mm 240mm Fixed Manual
HRSO55-MS-719-RD 19”(483mm) 19mm x 30mm 240mm Fixed Manual


HRSO38-SS-022-RD 22”(559mm) 25mm x 30mm 350mm Swing Manual


HRSO33-SS-022-RD 22”(559mm) 25mm x 30m 290mm Swing Manual
HRSO34-SS-O22-RD 22”(559mm) 19mm x 30m 290mm Swing Manual
HRSO31-SS-022-RD 22”(559mm) 25mm x 30m 240mm Fixed Manual
HRSO32-SS-022-RD 22”(559mm) 19mm x 30m 240mm Fixed Manual
HRSO29-SS-022-RD 22”(559mm) 25mm x 30m 290mm Swing Manual
HRSO30-SS-022-RD 22”(559mm) 19mm x  30m 290mm Swing Manual
HRSO27-SS-022-RD 22”(559mm) 25mm x 30m 240mm Fixed Manual
HRSO28-SS-022-RD 22”(559mm) 19mm x 30m 240mm Fixed Manual


HRSO35-GI-019-RD 19”483mm) 19mm x 36m 310mm Fixed Manual
HRSO37-GI-019-RD 19”(483mm) 19mm x 36m 350mm Swing Manual
HRS154-MS-600-RD 600mm 19mm x 36m 210mm Fixed Manual


  • Side Plate powder painted finish red
  • Automatic hose reel has integrated automatic stop valve which will open after 2  revolution of the reel
  • Threaded Inlet connection
  • Outlet connection for hose can be rotated for left and right direction
  • Waterways made from non ferrous metals  which ensure corrosion free*
  • Maximum working pressure 15Bar, test pressure 20Bar
  • Side plate available in stainless steel
European fire hose reel

european-fire hose-reel

The SRI Euro fire hose has been tested and approved to EN671 by british Standards Institution. This range for fire hose reel has a slimmer design which can fit into smaller depth. For swing hose reel the inlet of the hose reel is fitted with a flexible hose and coupling for connection to the control valve for water supply.


  • Side Plate powder painted finish red
  • Outlet connection for hose can be rotated for left and right
  • Connection to water supply with a flexible hose and coupling
  • Waterways made from bress and nylon which ensure corrosion resistance
  • Maximum working pressure 15bar, test pressure 20bar
  • Outlet connection for can be rotated for left and right
  • Side plate and swing arm available in stainless steel
  • Available with high flow rate model, 10mm equivalent diameter, 102LPM @ 6bar  inlet.
  • 25mm x30m Swing Hose reel can fit into cabinet of 220mm depth


Code No. A Hose Diameter x Length B Type
HRSO72-MS-660-RD 660mm 25mm x 40m 230mm Swing Manual
HRSO72-MS-600-RD 600mm 25mm x 35m 230mm Swing Manual
HRSO72-MS-M22-RD 559mm 25mm x 30m 230mm Swing Manual
HRSO73-MS-600-RD 600mm 25mm x 30m 200mm Swing Manual
HRSO73-MS-M22-RD 559mm 25mm x 25m 200mm Swing Manual
HRSO79-MS-600-RD 600mm 25mm x 20m 160mm Swing Manual
HRSO76-MS-660-RD 660mm 25mm x 30m 190mm Swing Manual


HRS150-MS-600-RD 600mm 25mm x  30m 210mm Fixed Manual
HRS150-MS-022-RD 559mm 25mm x 25m 210mm Fixed Manual
HRS151-MS-600-RD 600mm 25mm x 20m 170mm Fixed Manual


HRSO80-MS-600-RD 600mm 19mm x 40m 200mm Swing Manual
HRSO89-MS-600-RD 600mm 19mm x 30m 160mm Swing Manual
HRSO89-MS-022-RD 559mm 19mm x 25m 160mm Swing Manual
HRS152-MS-600-RD 600mm 19mm x 30m 170mm Fixed Manual
HRSO74-MS-022-RD 559mm 19mm x 25m 170mm Fixed Manual


HRSO78-MS-022-RD 559mm 25mm x 30m 230mm Swing Manual
HRSO77-MS-660-RD 660mm 25mm x 30m 190mm Swing Manual


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