Over the years, we have emerged as Asia's leading provider of turnkey porosity sealing solutions. At the foundation of our global success lie three important factors-

  • Our team, which comprises India's top technical experts in the field of Impregnation Technology.
  • A rich heritage of experienced knowledge of the process of Vacuum Impregnation technology.
  • Our world famous Impregnation Sealants are approved by most automotive majors worldwide and also conforms to several leading specifications and approvals.

WE UNDERSTAND YOUR NEEDS Detailed investigations to ensure that the right data is collected, for optimum process design engineering results, we at Teknoseal give prime importance to the customer's specific needs. We believe in providing the optimum plant selection and maximum return on investment . This entails no obligation and is free of cost to the customer. World-class infrastructure and facilities at the Teknoseal premises, strong technical skills, a commitment to R&D, and the team's unwavering dedication to providing world-class service-these factors combine synergistically to make us world leaders!


A. TeknoSeal
Supply of Impregnation Sealants

  • TSP 99 range of Impregnation Sealants

On-Site JobShop Impregnation services within the customers premises

C. Moresco
Supply of speciality chemicals from Moresco Corporation - Japan

  • Die-Lubricants
  • Release agents
  • Cutting oils
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Sliding oil
  • High quality vacuum pump oil
  • Hot forging lubricant
  • Fire resistant Hydraulic Fluid

Supply of efficient Aluminium recycling furnaces from KMF GmbH - Austria

  • MASTERmax Turn-Key Plants
  • MASTERmax Hybrid Rotary Tilting Furnace
  • BATCHmax Charging Machine

E. T Masters
Supply of range of Ancillary Equipment for Metal recycling Industry

  • Ingot Casting Conveyors

Supply of Fire Fighting Equipment's from SRI - Malaysia