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Quality Standards to meet Global Automotive norms

To comply with the stringent quality requirements and standards of the Automotive Industry, Teknoseal TSP 99 has been tested in accordance with US MIL-I-17563C specifications for class 1, 1A and 3, the universally excepted Bench mark for performance testing of Casting Impregnation Materials.

Research & Development and extensive laboratory tests ensure that Teknoseal TSP 99 conforms to the universally accepted US MIL Specifications. Conditioning test results as per Table III of MIL-1-17563C and Pressure Penetration Tests were performed on test specimens. No leakage was observed and all samples were satisfactory after conditioning.

Fluid Specification Time(Hrs.) Temp(oF) Results
Ethylene Glycol MIL-E-9500 336 300 Satisfactory
Thermal Resistance 336 300 Satisfactory
Lubricating Oil MIL-I-7808 48 255 Satisfactory
Water 336 212 Satisfactory
Oil MIL-H-17672 336 210 Satisfactory
Hydraulic Flud MIL-F-17111 336 210 Satisfactory
Hydrocarbon Fluid TT-S-735 336 73.4 Satisfactory
Carbon Removal P-C-111 0.5 73.4 Satisfactory
Turbine Fuel MIL-T-5624 48 73.4 Satisfactory
Fuel ASTM-D-910 48 73.4 Satisfactory
Diester Grease MIL-G-23827 48 73.4 Satisfactory
18% Sulfuric Acid O-S-809 2 73.4 Satisfactory
Stoddard Solvent P-D-680 47 73.4 Satisfactory
Ethyl Alcohol MIL-E-463 48 73.4 Satisfactory