KMF Aluminium - recycling

KMF's innovative technical developments set the standards for the efficient recycling of Aluminium. Performance leadership to us means bringing the best possible product performance together with the best possible delivery of service. With KMF you have a partner for comprehensive solutions.

  • Manufacturer of Innovative and proven recycling systems
  • Built to size, scaled precisely to your requirements
  • Design of user friendly furnace systems incl. peripherals
  • Qualified consulting and implementation including lifetime service

KMF recycling systems

MASTERmax: Tilting Rotary Furnace, the only hybrid tilting rotary furnace worldwide operating with either conventional fluid or dry salt slag. High ratio of useable to total furnace volume for controlled melting of contaminated scrap.

Capacities 5 to 25 tons.

BATCHmax: High Speed Linear Charging System, faster system on the market with rotary shovel for all kind of scraps.

Capacities up to 4 tons.

MELTmax: For automatic furnace operation, the melt processor with comprehensive visualization, scrap logistic and efficient cycle times in automatic mode.

COOLmax: Slag Cooling and Grinding Plants for hot process slags with economic separation metal and slug fines.

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