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Our impregnation sealants are one of the most effective solutions to the universal problem of porosity in casting, powdered metal components, and electronic components. These sealants are used to seal the micro-porosity leakages in metal castings, sintered parts, plastic electrical connectors, wood etc. Most section of industries worldwide are our customers and they Impregnate parts like Aerospace components, Air compressors, Automotive cylinder heads and blocks, Electrical / Electronic connectors, Food processing equipment, Filtration equipment, Fuel supply systems, Hydraulic pumps/ valves, Process control equipment, Transmission housings, Wheels, Power brakes, thin walled die castings, Powder metallurgy products, Gas and steam fittings, Plastic moulds, Instrumentation meters and valves, Refrigeration components, Truck and railway brake parts, Castings for hydraulic control, Heat exchangers, Ceramic parts, Builder’s hardware, Aluminium compressor castings.


Today’s demanding production techniques and the trend to create lighter alloys of aluminium and magnesium has increased the incidence of micro porosities in metal casting. The world has realized that impregnation allows for on time deliveries by reducing production and assembly downtime. This has made, impregnation techniques an accepted process to the foundryman and Technology specified by the design engineer.

TeknoSeal TSP range of sealants compliment vacuum impregnation technology worldwide and continue to lead the industry. Our sealants are a cross linking mixture of mono and polyfunctional acrylates and methacrylates. It does not contain any Halogens. Solvents or PCBs. Further, our sealants are designed to have the perfect balance of viscosity for effective penetration of porosities, and to achieve excellent adhesion to the inner walls of porosity ensuring a robust seal. All TeknoSeal sealants are environmentally friendly, containing no toxic substances. Exhaustive trials in various demanding applications show that impregnation finds wide applications in metal castings, plastic connectors, sintered parts and other porous materials, like wood etc. It is suitable for use in both large batch and lean manufacturing applications, producing consistent high quality performance, whatever the size or nature of the components being treated.

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