Company Heritage

Founded by the Sen family in Pune, India, we are an organisation of international repute in the research, design and manufacture of state of art vacuum impregnation sealants. The management philosophy from inception has been to provide state of the art cutting edge technology in the Impregnation Process, Impregnation Sealants and Door Step Impregnation Services to the world market at the most cost effective and affordable prices.

The company employs experienced impregnation specialists and scientists. Our specialists have a combination of process and product knowledge with capabilities to solve the most LEAKY problems and form an experienced team of process and product specialist, chemists, technicians and designers who have had a world wide exposure to all aspects of vacuum impregnation technology.

The Sen family, Technocrats, with rich experience of over five decades in Aluminium Die-Casting technology since 1967 and Vacuum Impregnation technology since 1983 have been pioneers in the field of Vacuum Impregnation using heat cure Methacrylate Sealants and have been instrumental in spreading the technology to industries worldwide.

Having grown to be the largest impregnating specialists in Asia, TeknoSeal, was established with the aim of Research & Development and Manufacture of high-tech Impregnation Sealants for advanced applications like those as per Defence Standards, Aerospace, Avionics, Communication Systems, Electronics & Automotive Applications.

We are known for our ‘Quality Cost Delivery’ promise and our highly knowledgeable workforce, with global exposure and experience of present day Automotive Engineering Designs and Manufacturing Technology.

The Group started as a professionally managed small scale industry in Pune - India and in 1989 introduced the concept of Dry-Wet Vacuum Impregnation technology in the Indian market. The first machine incorporating the Dry-Wet Vacuum Impregnation technology was self built by the Sen brothers and installed at the Pune job shop premises. 

Vision Mission

With over three decades of experience in Impregnation technology we have grown to be one of the leading providers of Vacuum Impregnation Sealants Worldwide and our mission is to provide the most optimum solution to our customers’ requirements of Vacuum Impregnation Process and Technology.

To be a company that SHINES around the World in Vacuum Impregnation Technology and supply State of the Art quality products to the Global Automotive and foundry industry.

"We will be among the top 5 Global Vacuum Impregnation Companies as a preferred supplier for our customers world wide."


"We commit ourselves to growth of business by ensuring excellence in our products through high quality research and development, total customer satisfaction and a caring work culture."

Team of Experts


Saibal Sen

Metallurgical Engineer (1983)

Expert in Vacuum Impregnation Technology

Manash Sen

Mechanical Engineer (1957)

Expert in Aluminium Die Casting technology & Pioneer in LPDC in India

Probal Sen

Mechanical Engineer (1987)

Expert in Vacuum Impregnation Technology